Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sumptuous fall apart ribs with beer

I've eaten some terrible ribs in my time. They are always incredibly tender, but so often coated in a sugar-laden gloopy excuse for barbecue sauce. I guess that's what people want and I admit that sweetness in food is something desirable, but I'm starting to realise that sugar is bad, very, very bad. As well as the WHO issuing a statement that we should cut sugar consumption in half only this week, I recently read this article posted on Facebook, which claims that even agave nectar is evil, just another form of chemical processes wrapped up in a clever marketing campaign. Really, there is so much information out there, how do we ever know what to truly believe?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Chicken and crayfish with white wine and cream

It's one of the World's biggest ironies that an island nation such as Britain has no love affair with fish. Growing up I remember endless complaints from chefs and fishing industries that Spain and Portugal were fishing our waters to extinction and that all our fish was being imported anyway. But what about fish and chips? I hear you cry, Britain's national dish? It's true that we are famous for this meal, but really, it sort of stops there. The true irony, however, is that to enter a British supermarket fish isle, you would hardly believe that most people claim they don't like fish as the variety is vast.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A trip home

People often wonder what home actually is. Is it a concept or a place or both? 'Home is where the heart is' would probably be the best description I can relate to. Where is my home? Is it where I grew up and where my family all live, or is it where I live now, 5000 miles away in a different continent, sharing a home with my husband and daughter? I don't suppose it really matters, the point is we took a trip home last month. A whole glorious month of visiting family and friends, endless help with Lilac, shopping trips, meals out, pub visits, country parks, city exploring, adventure centres and really, really terrible weather. I won't bore you with the arduous journey there and back, suffice to say it was an ordeal beyond anything we've done before and certainly won't be repeating in the same way again.