Saturday, 14 May 2016

I like to eat, eat, eat zoodles and courgetti

Much like fashion, music and home decor, food seems to follow trends. Kale salad springs to mind, the ubiquitous chewy must have of a few years ago. Bacon seemed to regain a huge following again, turning up in such strange concoctions as bacon donuts. But, very recently, the spiralized craze began happening and everywhere we looked, zucchini became the 'it' vegetable due to it's remarkable ability to resemble spaghetti once spiralized. It doesn't stop with the humble courgette either. Sweet potatoes, cucumber, even carrots are all masquerading as low carb pasta and noodles. I'm a little late to the trend, although I've tried the 'zoodles' plain with butter and a little garlic, sauteed slowly until softened, but not as the base for a sauce or soup. Last week I tried them with a traditional tomato pasta sauce and today I made a spicy beef laksa.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mini pizza chefs

In a smallish restaurant in East Vancouver, there is a wonderful kids' pizza making night on Sunday and Monday evenings. Unsure of whether the chef sighs in relief or frustration as we say "they're only three", we watch as our preschoolers basically create their own masterpiece from scratch. Although they are assisted, they are involved in every aspect, rolling out the dough.....

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A really good palak paneer

Fresh, crisp golden paneer cubes, subtly spiced onion and spinach sauce, rich with cream and garam masala.
Paneer, like haloumi, is a cheese I really relish cooking. I love the way it crisps golden brown, the edges oozing a little but still retaining it's firm and meaty structure. What's really exciting about it is the fact you can create it yourself at home and it still turns out perfect. I was sure my home made version would be far inferior, crumbling apart and tasting bland, but I was wrong. That's it below in all it's toasted and intact glory. Of course actually making it requires a very large amount of milk which is wasted unless you can find some culinary ingenuity quickly. Or, if you keep a flock of geese or ducks out back, you can let them partake. Having neither most of the time, I mainly resort to buying it.