Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mini pizza chefs

In a smallish restaurant in East Vancouver, there is a wonderful kids' pizza making night on Sunday and Monday evenings. Unsure of whether the chef sighs in relief or frustration as we say "they're only three", we watch as our preschoolers basically create their own masterpiece from scratch. Although they are assisted, they are involved in every aspect, rolling out the dough.....

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A really good palak paneer

Fresh, crisp golden paneer cubes, subtly spiced onion and spinach sauce, rich with cream and garam masala.
Paneer, like haloumi, is a cheese I really relish cooking. I love the way it crisps golden brown, the edges oozing a little but still retaining it's firm and meaty structure. What's really exciting about it is the fact you can create it yourself at home and it still turns out perfect. I was sure my home made version would be far inferior, crumbling apart and tasting bland, but I was wrong. That's it below in all it's toasted and intact glory. Of course actually making it requires a very large amount of milk which is wasted unless you can find some culinary ingenuity quickly. Or, if you keep a flock of geese or ducks out back, you can let them partake. Having neither most of the time, I mainly resort to buying it.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Little gourmets

Ever since I read the book 'Bringing up bebe', I have been in love with the way the French feed their kids at lunchtime. It's not just the 4 course meals of beautifully prepared organic ingredients, but the way in which it is served. Having a school dining area set up as a restaurant with table cloths, pitchers of water and real cutlery sounds so right to me. The French want their kids to enjoy and appreciate the meal, not just allocate a mere 15 minutes to eating or grab a lunch on the hoof. Personally, I believe in this. Karen Le Billon has a blog in which she shares the meals these mini gourmets enjoy. It's inspiring and has inspired me to create the same principles at home for dinner, (occasionally).