Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A really good palak paneer

Fresh, crisp golden paneer cubes, subtly spiced onion and spinach sauce, rich with cream and garam masala.
Paneer, like haloumi, is a cheese I really relish cooking. I love the way it crisps golden brown, the edges oozing a little but still retaining it's firm and meaty structure. What's really exciting about it is the fact you can create it yourself at home and it still turns out perfect. I was sure my home made version would be far inferior, crumbling apart and tasting bland, but I was wrong. That's it below in all it's toasted and intact glory. Of course actually making it requires a very large amount of milk which is wasted unless you can find some culinary ingenuity quickly. Or, if you keep a flock of geese or ducks out back, you can let them partake. Having neither most of the time, I mainly resort to buying it.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Little gourmets

Ever since I read the book 'Bringing up bebe', I have been in love with the way the French feed their kids at lunchtime. It's not just the 4 course meals of beautifully prepared organic ingredients, but the way in which it is served. Having a school dining area set up as a restaurant with table cloths, pitchers of water and real cutlery sounds so right to me. The French want their kids to enjoy and appreciate the meal, not just allocate a mere 15 minutes to eating or grab a lunch on the hoof. Personally, I believe in this. Karen Le Billon has a blog in which she shares the meals these mini gourmets enjoy. It's inspiring and has inspired me to create the same principles at home for dinner, (occasionally).

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

In celebration of the mighty crustacean

 I've always loved being near the sea. My favourite Famous Five stories as a child were the adventures containing smugglers, caves and lighthouses. There's a mystery and allurement that really appeals to me. Trips to Cornwall as a child would fill me with excitement, much as beach combing still does today. My house is full of the 'treasures' I find at coasts. I was terrified while driving back across the Canadian border form San Francisco, mainly because my most prized souvenir was a piece of red anemone, bought from the most amazing little treasure shop on the seafront and I was afraid they may confiscate it. It is no surprise then that my love of all things ocean also extends to the wonderful things it produces to eat.