Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fluffy and as a light as a cloud

Yesterday, the overwhelming need for something sweet, um, overwhelmed me and I couldn't rest until I had tasted something containing sweetener and possibly chocolate. 

This is unfortunate on a low carb diet as the general idea is to wean yourself off the sweet taste as much as possible. I tend to think that this is a complete impossibility given the female mindset of believing, no, knowing that chocolate will solve much of life's problems and the fact that what a woman wants, she wants. 

So, flicking through my low carb cookbook, I noticed a rather nice looking recipe for silken chocolate pudding and was impressed by how much the word silken appealed to me in a clever advertising sort of way. Reading through the ingredient list proved less than appealing, however, as 'one packet of soft tofu' generally doesn't inspire dessert lust in most people. I bought the tofu, though and will attempt this pudding at a later date, having being reassured by the lovely and talented Karen Barnaby that it is virtually undetectable in the finished dish. 

So, these small lemon, coconut macaroons were my next option. Thank you to the low carb gourmet cookbook for this recipe (by Karen Barnaby) again. 

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