About Me

I can’t survive without food, and I’m sure nobody can!

I am Chef Harunur Rashid Azim. I inherited my family’s love of cooking at a young age. I went to college for business but immediately realized I should follow my passion.

I enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education in London, UK, with determination and passion. My life changed after I earned a culinary arts degree. I’ve worked in many UK restaurants. Now I own Rara Tal in Fife, Scotland.

We are the dependable buddy that cooks with you, telling you exactly how a dish works, step by step. We’re responding to your inquiries.

TheDelicious.Net is a cuisine website created by home chefs just like you. We reach a big audience with a human voice, supporting our readers as they plan, shop, cook, and organize to support busy, rewarding lives. We inspire our readers to eat the foods they want to eat and provide resources to help them become the cooks they want to be.

We are always introducing and testing new recipes. But for the time being, you only require one. One that is effective. The one you’ve been seeking—or perhaps the one you didn’t even realize you wanted.

TheDelicious.Net is run by a group of dedicated, experienced editors who also happen to be home cooks. Our experts and contributors create and thoroughly cross-test all of our recipes in home kitchens like yours. Our staff members independently choose the goods we suggest based on extensive testing or research; we may earn a profit from affiliate connections with retailers.

Our objective is to show you that making amazing restaurant-style meals at home isn’t as tough as you believe.

We’re here to help you make tasty food in your home without spending hours or utilizing difficult-to-find materials. After all, if I don’t have all day to devote to the kitchen, why should anybody else?

The meals we assist you in preparing in your home will bring smiles to your table while saving you money on dining out. In my book, that’s a win-win situation!
The most significant advantage of cooking at home is having complete control over your ingredients. You never have to be concerned about what restaurants, fast food restaurants, and takeaway establishments utilize in the food they provide you.
Let’s Eat 🙂