Bella pizza oven review

Are you hunting for a portable wood-fired pizza oven but are overwhelmed by the number of possibilities on the market? We’ve got your back. When it comes to pizza ovens, the first thing that springs to mind must be the massive brick ovens.
The Medio 28 Bella Pizza Oven, on the other hand, is a game-changer. This article will assist you in determining whether it is the best option for you.

This article will help you decide whether the Medio 28 Bella pizza oven is a good purchase for you. The essay will go over everything from its design and construction to its simplicity of use, pizza capacity, performance, and more.
There is a lot to think about when it comes to the Medio 28 Bella Pizza Oven.

Depending on how you wish to use it, this portable wood-fired oven may be used as a freestanding oven or a countertop pizza oven.
So, let’s get you organized.

Bella pizza oven

The Bella Medio Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks to be one of those high-end pizza ovens that can cook numerous pizzas at once.

The pizza oven has a premium build quality, and while it is on the more pricey side of pizza ovens, if you have the green, you should consider investing in this oven.

SUMMARY of Bella Pizza Oven features

So far, the initial information looks to be quite optimistic. This oven gives a lot of benefits for what it is. We can’t expect it to be ultra-portable or super cheap to acquire as it’s a huge backyard feature. But, in the end, we’d want to own this wonderful piece of pizza-making art!

With the Bella Medio28 oven, we’ve gone to higher-end ovens that not only give you true, Italian wood-fired pizza but also raise the entire experience for you and your family to a new level of gastronomic delight.

While there are many choices for pizza ovens in the $90 – $900 price range, you’ll observe that the user experience, as well as the lifetime and product quality, becomes something exceptional once you approach the $1500 and above segment.

It’s like having my Toyota Celica for years and thinking to yourself, “Wow, this is a pretty darn wonderful sports vehicle!” Why would you acquire a crazy Ferrari? …. Until one day I sat in a Ferrari (forget the driving experience) and realized! It’s somewhat of like that!


  • It warms up in 15 minutes (that’s insane!)
  • extremely great construction quality


  • It’s tough to find anything to criticize, but I’ll try! I’ll get back to you on this.


Bella wood fired pizza oven

A 24′′ by 28′′ ceramic insulated cooking floor heats up to cooking temperature in approximately 15 minutes!

Made of 304 stainless steel, with exceptionally sturdy stainless legs and storage.

It includes free pizza peels, steel, and wood, as well as an exterior all-weather cover.

Created by a well-known international, award-winning pizza maker, the really excellent aesthetics merge old-world heritage with current, innovative undertones, and the pricing is reasonable in contrast to other ovens with equivalent features and componentry.

Made in the United States!


It is not $249 plus shipping! No, just a little more! (However, it’s a fantastic deal)!


This beautiful work is 85″ tall, 38″ wide, and 33″ from front to back. It weighs 220 pounds and has handles on both sides to help (strong-ish) folks move it around your patio (it also has heavy-duty wheels/castors).

There will be no rust on this oven. It’s useful to have an oven with an insulated door handle, such as this one. Some may question, “Why have a door?” when many ovens do not have doors. This provides for quicker internal temperature attainment, which means less waiting and, more significantly, LESS WOOD!

Of course, we have emphasized that it is totally made in the United States, but it bears reiterating because the quality is evident when compared to Chinese imports.

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