Bertello vs Ooni: Battle of the Best Pizza Ovens

With their range of portable outdoor pizza ovens, Ooni makes it possible to make great pizza in your backyard or anywhere else. Oony GUARANTEE that your Ooni Pizza Oven will let you make GREAT PIZZA at home.

Even though Bertello is new to making pizza, it has to blow pizza lovers away. You can cook a lot of different things besides pizza, like fish, meat, vegetables, and even dessert pizzas.

Is the Bertello pizza oven any good? How does it compare to the Ooni line of professional outdoor pizza ovens, which is more popular and well-known?

Many have enquired about my thoughts on which of Ooni and Bertello to choose. I’ve tried both brands’ ovens and have reviewed them. As a result, to address serious customer concerns, I have decided to provide a complete comparison of Ooni vs. Bertello. Others’ perspectives may differ from mine (but not majorly for sure).

I also searched for many authentic user reviews by other users for these devices when generating my comparison.

Considering and respecting everyone’s perspective and my personal experience, this review was put together to assist those wanting to buy outdoor pizza ovens. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ooni vs Bertello: Key Factors to Consider

There’s more at play here than just making pizza. Choosing the best pizza oven can be more complicated than it needs to be due to the wide variety of models offered by companies like Bertello and Ooni.

By putting various models through our extensive battery of tests and real-world use, we have amassed a wealth of information about the finest pizza ovens currently on the market.

Using this comparison guide in tandem with our in-depth reviews will help you make an informed decision.

Build Quality

Both Ooni’s pizza ovens and the Bertello oven are well-made. All versions, except Ooni’s two models, the Ooni Pro 16 and the Ooni Karu 12, are powder-coated carbon steel. 

In any case, Ooni Karu 16 is manufactured from a blend of both materials, namely powder-coated carbon steel and stainless steel. Bertello’s earliest model, the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Bundle, is made of carbon steel, whereas Bertello Grande is made of semi-gloss hammered finish steel.

Both firms utilize different substances for insulation. One sense provides strength, while the other includes insulation. Though it’s a close call, Ooni takes the win.


Ooni’s ovens that can cook 12′ pizzas weigh less than the Bertello 1 oven. Ooni’s ovens that make 16″ pizzas, on the other hand, are all less in weight than the Bertello Grande pizza oven

However, there is one big worry. Ooni’s ovens are lighter than the Bertello 1 oven and are either gas-powered or have a significant flaw (related to the chimney). Bertello and Ooni ovens, except for Ooni’s two models, Ooni Koda 16 and Ooni Karu 16, cannot be directly linked to natural gas pipes.

Even for these, you’ll need to purchase a conversion kit or a gas burner. When comparing Ooni versus Bertello, the only natural gas-compatible pizza ovens are the Ooni koda 16 and Ooni Karu 16.

A propane gas tank is required for other propane gas ovens. This increases the overall weight of the system you’ll have to carry, decreasing portability.

The Bertello 1 oven is 15 kilograms in weight. However, you have the benefit of running it on wood or charcoal. Everyday wood pieces can be used; hardwood pellets are not required. This also allows you to conserve space that the pellets would have taken up otherwise.

The Bertello Grande is the heaviest, weighing 29.93 kg (almost 30 kg). That’s a lot of weight. The Bertello 1 outweighs the Ooni Karu 12 and Ooni Fyra 12. Some of you may be thinking that their massive chimneys are a turnoff. 

The chimneys of Ooni Fyra 12 and Ooni Karu 12 may be separated. As a result, it is easy to transport. However, the Ooni Karu 12 cover is constructed to fit over the oven with the chimney connected.

Ooni Fyra 12 is the most portable oven, weighing the least compared to Bertello and all Ooni ovens. However, keep in mind that it is solely a wood pellet-fuelled oven.

So, when we analyze all of the features and their trade-off on mobility, Bertello 1 comes out on top. The Bertello 1 has an advantage in mobility and cooking possibilities, even though it can only cook 12′′ pizzas.

Fuel Sources

Bertello, as previously said, can use both fuel sources (even simultaneously). This is the most innovative feature featured in the Bertello 1 and Bertello Grande ovens, transforming them into hybrid pizza ovens.

You may use gas to heat the oven first, then decrease the temperature and add wood pellets to lend a woody flavor to the pizza. With Ooni, you may pick between gas-powered, multi-fuel, and wood-powered models.

The Ooni Fyra 12 is a wood-burning oven, the Ooni Koda 12 and Ooni Koda16 is a gas-burning oven, and the Ooni Karu 12/16 is a multi-fuel oven. Bertello pizza ovens offer the best of both worlds.

If you have a certain fuel source in mind (for example, you’re certain you’ll just use gas), Ooni is the preferable alternative. Bertello is the superior option if you wish to use numerous fuel sources (separately or simultaneously).

Cooking Efficiency

This is determined by the fuel source rather than the oven. Using gas cooks the pizza faster, whereas using wood cooks it slowly. You may pick from gas-powered, wood-powered, and multi-fuel ovens at Ooni.

Bertello ovens are self-contained. You can utilize gas, wood, or a combination of the two. As a result, I am unable to render a definitive judgment in this area.

Cooking Experience

As I indicated in the accessories section, Ooni has far more than Bertello. If you obtain a handful of these, the cooking experience is entirely different; it’s something new.

Though it takes some time to set up Ooni’s oven, the cooking experience is far superior to that of the Bertello pizza oven.

Learning Curve

Though Bertello ovens are easier to handle than Ooni ovens, it does take some time to become used to. It might take some time to become acclimated to the Bertello ovens, especially for a newbie.

I suggest Ooni to someone who is just starting. Bertello has a higher learning curve, which should raise a caution signal for novices.

Though Bertello is difficult to master, Ooni’s wood-fired ovens are not. The gas burner for gas-powered ones makes the process easier, but it might not be easy to control with wood-powered ones.

Pizza Sizes

The Bertello 1 oven can only make 12″ pizzas at a time, but the Bertello Grande oven can cook 16″ pizzas at a time. You can cook a larger pizza in Bertello 1 by cutting it into many pieces, but it’s not the most excellent experience.

Ooni, on the other hand, offers a few ovens that can cook 12′′ pizzas as well as those that can cook up to 16′′ pizzas.

The number at the end of the Ooni oven model represents the largest pizza that can be made in the oven.

Uniformity of Heat

The heat distribution is okay with Ooni. However, it is considered with Bertello; it is significant enough to detect the difference. The heat’s non-uniformity will only worsen with time.

Ooni’s ovens distribute heat considerably more evenly than Bertello’s ovens. This category has no competitors. You should, however, keep a look out for Ooni Fyra 12 and other small hopper capacity ovens. For steady heat, you’ll need to replace their fuel regularly.


Bertello offers a plethora of various combinations to pick from. You can select the mix based on your requirements. However, this is not the case with Ooni. Bundles are a constraint for you.

However, when it comes to the number of accessories available, Ooni outnumbers Bertello. Ooni Pizza Ovens sells a plethora of accessories (albeit they are not inexpensive). The Ooni Pro 16 has many accessories (like the Heat Resistant Gloves). Others will have to be purchased by you.

Bertello wins in terms of pricing and discounts (because of the bundles). Ooni leads by a wide margin in terms of accessory count.

Long-term Usage

You might think, “How come there’s such a big price difference between the two?” Simple. Quality and longevity.

Though the quality of all the ovens is equal, the actual difference becomes apparent after about a year of use. The Bertello’s maximum temperatures gradually begin to fall while the Ooni maintains its performance.

Regular maintenance reduces the performance drop. Ooni’s ovens, on the other hand, will survive significantly longer than the Bertello oven with the same amount of care.

This is why the Bertello is less expensive than Ooni’s offerings. When the long-term cost of the ovens is calculated, Ooni comes out cheaper than Bertello (as Ooni lasts longer).

When it comes to long-term usage, Ooni is the obvious victor.

Customer Support

Bertello provides decent customer service, while Ooni has better. It is difficult to pick a single winner in this area. This is a tie. Both firms provide excellent and competent customer service. Your problem will be handled in a day or two at most.


You’ll notice a significant difference when you compare the costs of Ooni’s models to those of the Bertello 1 oven. Even when comparing similar accessories (such as covers), Ooni offers far more expensive goods (you’ll see why).

However, compared to the Ooni versions, Bertello Grande is slightly overpriced. Ooni Pro 16 will be a better alternative than Bertello Grande, especially given the low price and present deal (icing on the cake).

Price to Performance Ratio

Given that Bertello ovens don’t last as long but are still reasonably priced, Ooni’s pizza ovens provide a superior price-to-performance ratio than Bertello.

Here’s another way to look at things. The Bertello lasts approximately a year, and Ooni’s oven lasts two years.

The Bertello is not half the price of the Ooni. As a result, in the long run, Ooni provides a considerably superior price-to-performance ratio. Because of the lower price, you’re better off with the Bertello in the near run.

Final Thoughts on Ooni vs Bertello Pizza Oven

So, here’s the deal. Ooni has many outdoor pizza ovens, whereas Bertello only has two (Bertello Orginal or Bertello one and the other Bertello Grande). Though it is unfair to compare a Bertello to Ooni, Bertello has managed to capture the attention of many individuals.

This evaluation is comprehensive enough to help you decide between two ovens.

Bertello and Ooni are pizza ovens that can use gas or wood as fuel.

The Bertello is a single pizza oven that costs $299 and can cook with wood or charcoal. An optional gas burner attachment costs $410.

On the other hand, Ooni sells six pizza ovens that range in price from $349 to $799 and can be powered by wood, propane, or even natural gas.

The Bertello is a good pizza oven, but in every way except the price, the Ooni is better.

The Ooni Fyra 12 is a better wood-fired oven that costs only a little more at $349, while the Ooni Karu 12 is a better pizza oven that can use more than one fuel type and costs $399.

Although the Bertello pizza oven is excellent, I have a hard time recommending it over the Ooni because of the Ooni’s wider range of options in both features and cost.

So, if you can afford a few extra dollars, I recommend either of these Ooni models over the Bertello.

I am Chef Harunur Rashid Azim. I inherited my family's love of cooking at a young age. I graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in London, UK, with determination and passion to become a chef. Follow me on Twitter: @RashidIsChef, FB: Azim

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