5 Best Chiminea Pizza Ovens you can buy for outdoor cooking

This page will present a list of the Best Chiminea Pizza Ovens currently available. 

But first, a quick primer on Chimineas. A strong outdoor oven is a great investment. A beautiful oven is a significantly more important addition. One of the most beautiful and versatile garden additions is a chiminea.

Imagining them as a patio chimney They can be used as space heaters in the winter and ovens or grills in the summer. This powerful kitchen equipment can occasionally outperform ovens. Backyard cactus gardens offer beauty and vigor to cooking.

What to Consider before buying a Chiminea Pizza Oven

Chimineas are categorized based on their construction material. Some are cast iron or aluminum, while others are composed of clay. Both forms of chimineas have advantages and disadvantages. Cast-iron chimineas, for example, may burn charcoal.

However, charcoal should not be used in a clay chiminea. The point is, you can still purchase some wood for your clay chiminea. Some people think clay chimineas are easier to use because they don’t require any setup. 

They are also less costly than cast iron.

Because they are sensitive items, you should be aware of and note specific steps to ensure their longevity.

Some of these safeguards need weather monitoring. Clay chimineas are fragile, especially when heated. That’s why we must protect them. Cast-iron chimineas are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Cast-iron chimineas can also attain tremendous temperatures. 

While essential for cooking, it can destroy neighboring objects, storing them safely.

So we’ve put together a list of the top Chiminea Pizza Ovens so you can choose which one you like best and start saving.

Casita Wood Burning Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace Grill and Oven

Among the list, this is probably the most visually appealing chiminea. However, it didn’t make our list merely because of its beauty, since it offers much more than that.


Casita Wood Burning Chiminea Oven is designed like a house replica shaped like a pyramid oven. In addition to containing the firebox, it also houses a small oven on top.

There is a cover and a top to the pyramid-shaped built-in oven. This allows you to adjust the oven’s temperature by escaping air.

Casita Wood Burning Chiminea Oven by Blue Rooster boasts quality, simplicity, and style, as they make the best chimineas.

Construction Quality

Cast iron is used to build the Casita. To remain beautiful and functional, you will need to help it.

A chiminea weighs around 220 pounds and is around 50 inches tall. As far as heights go, this is pretty standard for most chimineas.

Additionally, it comes with a free deck protector, so even if placed on a flammable surface, it will not burn it because the heat will be separated from the floor.

Baking a Pizza

This might be a little tricky, but the Casita has the advantage of not requiring a lot of extra cookware.

A chamber is at the bottom of the fire, and at the top is an oven. A cast-iron heat deflector will keep your food safe from the fire.

By simply placing it on top of the chamber, you’ll be able to prepare a delicious pizza. We recommend using parchment paper rather than a baking stone if you want the best results.

Cooking with the Casita is relatively smoke-free due to its excellent ventilation and grated door.


  • A house-like design that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • There’s a mini oven with a beautiful door at the top.
  •  It has a large firebox that can hold logs of 18 to 20 inches in diameter.


  •  The small amount of smoke it produces does not impart much flavor to your food.

Red Ember Chiminea with Smokestack

Red Ember Chiminea with Smokestack


There are no walls on this chiminea, so it is more open. With enough air gathered in the firebox, the fire will burn hotter and brighter.

If you wish, it’s possible to remove the smokestack from the open firebox. The grill grates or cookware can be added to meet your needs.

The top also has open vents to ensure that air continuously flows into the chiminea. Besides allowing the fire to reach the grill, it will also warm the grill.

Construction and Material

The chiminea has a roof to keep rain and snow off. When there is wind outside, this design has the disadvantage that the fire does not concentrate.

In this chiminea, the wind can enter from any angle, so it might not be easy to cook if it is very windy outside.

To protect the surface on which it sits, it has legs built-in. A tall pair of legs protects any type of surface from fire.

The roof has a slightly rounded opening so that cookware can be inserted. Since the opening has the same door as the firebox, the top is also sealed when the firebox is closed.

Due to the grated door, the chiminea still has an open area to allow air to enter.

Cooking a Pizza

Logs are the best fuel for this chiminea. To cook pizza in it, you will need baking steel.

Baking stones retain heat very well, but they don’t do well in direct sunlight. It is, therefore, better for you to use grill grates or baking steel if you have them.

This chiminea gets enough smoke into the cooking grate, adding more flavor to your food due to the design of the roof and the airflow within.

Thus, smoke cannot leave any other part of the vent except for the vent itself. Considering that smoke always rises to the top, it will settle on the cooking grate before reaching the air.


  • The wire mesh door and walls provide adequate airflow.
  •  The cooking grate is removable, making it more versatile.
  •  A smoky flavor can be added to pizzas, and meat can be smoked with it.


  •  Heats up poorly on windy days.

La Hacienda Wela Clay Chimenea

It is the first clay chiminea on the list, and it is amazing because of the accessories it comes with. A pizza can also be cooked on this chiminea.


Any other company that produces chimineas probably uses this design most often. A bulb-like structure stands 85 centimeters high and looks like a water droplet.

The regressing chimney of this design allows the smoke to rise slowly while building a lot of heat.

The vent on this chimney can be covered with a rain protector during bad weather. As a result of the protector, more smoke will be produced, and the heat will remain inside.

The surface of the chiminea is decorated with a pattern in brown ash. A Big Green Egg grill might be thought of as similar to this grill, but with a much bigger opening and vent.


A remarkable feature of this oven is that it is made of clay and has a barbecue grill and pizza stone that can cook pizzas up to ten inches thick.

Just before the chiminea narrows to create the long vent, there is a barbecue grate at the top of the firebox.

There is a perfect fit for the cooking grates so that the fire goes directly to them. Once you use a heat deflector, you can sear steak or smoke ribs.

A large fork is also included to facilitate removing the pizza stone from the chiminea and rearranging the logs for the fire.

Baking a Pizza

A pizza stone is included in this chiminea so that you can cook any pizza on it, and with the porous stone, you can get a crisp finish on the crust.

Ceramic pizza stones are heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. Since the barbecue grill covers most of the way from the firebox to the vent, it also functions as a heat deflector.

You can usually cook a pizza in the chiminea in less than five minutes. A smoky flavor is always added to the pizza.


  • Includes a pizza stone and a barbecue grill.
  • Using a chiminea can make your food taste deliciously smoky.
  • Accessory items such as a rain protector and a fork are very useful.


  • The heat is inconsistent, and the airflow could be better.

La Hacienda Murcia Steel Chimenea

Like most bulb-shaped chimineas, it has a familiar shape but slight distortion to maximize cooking performance.


There is something very familiar about the look of this cast-iron chimney. Unlike other fireboxes, this one has a round body with a flattened bottom area.

A grill rests securely on this flattened surface. You can feel the warmth radiating from the chiminea during winter through an open grate on the door.

Furthermore, the chiminea has a built-in stand to shield the floor from raging heat, and black high-temperature paint was used to add more beauty.


An integrated grill rack made from stainless steel. It is a very useful tool that can withstand rust and corrosion, making it perfect for any climate.

In the chiminea’s somewhat flat area, a rectangular barbecue grill is perfectly positioned inside and in no way impacts the wood in the firebox.

You can grill or barbecue there. The chiminea has a large cent that takes up about half of its height.

The unique thing about this is that even though it has a grated door, La Hacienda has included another vent at the front that can be opened completely or controlled by moving a dial.

Baking Pizza

If you are cooking a pizza with this chiminea, you will need to use a heat deflector to prevent the pizza from burning and prevent your baking stone from being burned directly.

The heat deflector is insufficient, so you will need to use baking steel to resist heat without breaking or a heat deflector, which is available separately.


  • The design of this chiminea is common, but it has an attractive finish that allows it to fit into any backyard.
  • The chiminea includes a barbecue grill, which does not require you to purchase one separately.
  • This chiminea has a front vent for better temperature control.


 When you use a baking stone, there is no heat deflector.

Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea

Chimineas like this are some of the smallest on the market. I am standing 35 inches tall and weighing just 35 pounds.


Identical to that of the previous model. It resembles a machine gun with its bulb-like shape, a long vent, and grate walls.

It can be fired with small wood and is compact. It is impressive that the legs of this chiminea are so sturdy that they can withstand a lot of weight, even though they are small.

This chiminea’s rain cap is equipped with a hook for carrying it. The tube’s vent is adorned with a pattern that wraps around it beautifully.

The walls of the chiminea are made of mesh, allowing air to pass through and allowing users to feel the heat from any angle.

Material and Build Quality

These are made out of cast iron and have a beautiful finish with lightly sanded edges to make the finish appear more bright.

A steel mesh protects the chiminea to prevent the embers from flying out and harming anyone nearby. Because of its compact size, it can be easily stored.

Cooking Pizza

It won’t be easy to cook a pizza in this chiminea. The openings on all sides mean that you will have to ensure that not much wind gets inside to reduce the heat.

Additionally, you’ll need a grill to prevent anything you are using from sitting on top of the fire. For consistent heat, the grate needs to be as high as possible.

Chimineas don’t cook as effectively with their open sides, so you should position your pizza as high as possible to create convection heat on their covered side.


  • This chiminea has a very beautiful design
  •  It is portable due to its compact design


  • There are no cooking accessories included with this chiminea.

Chimineas: are they worth it?

In addition to providing a great deal of heat, chimneys funnel smoke away from people sitting near them, so you can use them to warm up your deck or patio. Despite its low price, this chiminea has a sturdy cast iron construction and all-around wire grates that let you see the fire.

What should you burn in a chiminea?

On a chiminea, you should burn dense and not too dry wood. A chiminea should be made from hardwoods like oak, apple, or maple that burn slowly without smoking. Branches, logs, and hardwoods burn well in a fire pit

What kind of wood do you use for a chiminea?

Among the most popular choices are aromatic woods such as cedar, hickory, mesquite, and pinon, which expel smoke up and out. A chiminea can become fully burning after being ignited in 15 minutes, emitting heat. A wood-burning outdoor fireplace can be controlled like a fire pit.

How long do clay chimineas last?

Whether you’re an avid user of clay chimineas or just a beginner, the answer to that question is no different. Collective wisdom contends that a clay chiminea used often can last 5 years or more and will last for many years more if looked after properly.

Can I use my chiminea as a pizza oven?

What’s more, chimineas make great ovens for baking all sorts of things. Food cooks quickly from the bottom and surrounding heat. Anything that you would bake in a standard oven can be baked in a chiminea, and they cook some things like pieces of bread and pizzas even better than an oven would.

Find out more details here: Do Pizza Ovens Need a Chimney?

Can chiminea pizza oven replace outdoor oven?

Chiminea ovens are a great alternative to traditional outdoor oven cooking. Aside from barbecuing, your chimenea may be used for other adventurous and tasty cuisines. Clay chimeneas may mimic a tandoori oven, allowing you to cook juicy and flavorful poultry, pork, and even fish. Cooking directly on the coals is also feasible using a steel sheet.

A good way to cook?

The chiminea or chimney can be used for cooking. You light a fire in the oven and build it up until you have a decent bed of hot coals. Once the fire has died down, you can grill your food. An alternative to cooking on the chimney top is to use a trivet.

Is sand put in the bottom of a chiminea?

Start a fire in the chiminea after adding sand to the bottom. Charcoal burning in the chiminea can crack the clay. At least three inches of sand should be placed on the bottom of the chiminea. As an alternative, if your chiminea is large enough, you can raise the wood with a small metal rack, but it is not necessary.

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