What kind of wood do you use to smoke pizza?

Grillmasters and pizzaiolos appear to have nothing in common. But there is something that both may appreciate, but few attempt: smoking a pizza!

When it comes to pizza tastes, adding a smokey flavor might be a terrific option.

So, how should you smoke your next pizza?

Pizza ovens get quite hot, which is why it’s critical to use only certain types of firewood as fuel. There are hundreds of different types of wood for pizza ovens, but we limited it down to eight that perform best in a smoking pizza oven.

It’s probably a lot less expensive and simpler than you think. We’ll show you the best woods to smoke pizza to perfection, whether you’re cooking it on the grill or in a Pizzeria Pronto.

Best Pizza Oven Woods to Use for Smoking Pizza

The ideal smoking woods to use are the same whether you’re using a commercial wood-fired pizza oven or a home smoker, or a pellet grill. That is, by utilizing only natural hardwoods that burn cleanly and give a delicious smoky flavor.

However, you cannot use any old wood since the fuel for the fire has a significant impact on the entire cook and the flavor of the meal!

Here’s a comprehensive list of the finest woods for smoking pizza in a pizza oven, smoker, or pellet grill.

Best Woods For Smoking Pizza In An Offset Smoker

The smoky flavor of a commercial wood-fired pizza may be replicated with an offset smoker-smoked pizza. To a large extent, you may follow the same procedures and utilize the same types of smoke woods.

Pre-heat your pizza stone to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply line a baking sheet with baking paper and use it instead of a pizza stone. You want to keep the flames going all the time. Wood from hickory or mesquite is the finest value. In order to get the maximum flavor from your wood-fired pizza, try using these powerful smoking woods.

Almost any hardwood, including fruit wood, will work well in offset smokers since they generate an appropriate quantity of delicious smoke. To be safe, avoid using any wood that is moist or has not been well dried.

Smoking Pizza with a Charcoal Grill with the Best Woods

Always utilize indirect heating with a pizza stone and a few excellent pieces or a mound of wood chips when using a charcoal smoker or grill.

Light your charcoal, divide it into two halves, and lay your pizza stone on the indirect heat zone, not directly on top of the charcoal. Use the two-zone approach.

The grill should be preheated, and the pizza stone should be warm. When the pot is hot enough, add 2-3 pieces of either:

Hickory Wood

Classic, robust barbeque smoke is what you’re after.

Oak Wood

Dependable and timeless. Oak is a perfect choice when you want a good smoky flavor without overpowering the pizza.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood emits smoke that is very similar to Applewood. It produces a mild smoke with a tangy, fruity flavor.

Apple Wood

Apple wood creates a lot of smoke and heat, but its flavor is more delicate and sweet.

Other options

Wood that has been suitably seasoned from other natural sources. You can choose a strong, delicate, fruity, sweet, or nutty wood for your pizza, depending on the type. There isn’t really a “bad” answer here.

Pizza should be cooked for 10-20 minutes depending on size, thickness, and temperature once the wood has started smoking.

Note: You may add more smokey flavor to your food by using a smoker box or a high-quality smoker tube.

Best Woods For Smoking Pizza In A Pellet Grill

Allow as much smokiness as possible throughout the brief 12-20 minute cooking period of your pellet grill to increase the pizza’s taste.

Using hickory, mesquite, or oak for pizza smoking in a pellet grill is the best way to get a good smoke. Smoke should be rolling continually, and the pellet grill should be preheated to a temperature of at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help your pizza absorb as much of the smoky flavor as possible while it cooks.

If you like lighter and sweeter tasting wood pellets, such as apple, maple, or pecan, there is nothing to prohibit you from using them. You’ll still be able to eat your smoked pizza in the end.

Here at GrillSimply, we’ve done a lot of research and testing on a variety of different wood pellet manufacturers. As a result, we’ve put up a list of the finest wood pellets for smoking, as well as an explanation of the differences between BBQr’s Delight and Traeger.

The best way to get the most out of a pellet grill is to invest in an excellent pizza stone (or two). This compensates for the pellet grill’s somewhat lower maximum temperature (around 450-500°F). The best way to get a wood-fired pizza foundation is to use a pizza stone, which will contain and absorb the heat.

Are pellets better for smoking?

Pellet smokers, as previously noted, are not recognized for creating a strong smoke taste, regardless of the pellets used. Some brands, though, might be more noticeable than others. Hardwood pellets outperform fruit wood pellets in terms of overall burn time per pound.

What is the finest wood to use for smoking pizza?

Oak is the best by far since it burns the hottest and cleanest. Other options include hickory, pecan, maple, and mesquite. As long as you can find nice-size pieces, we’ve had great luck with fruitwoods like apple and cherry, which are popular in low and slow barbecue-style cooking.

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