Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce Copycat Recipe

Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce

Do you enjoy pizza? If yes, have you ever wished to develop a sauce with a well-known pizza brand recognized for its pizza toppings? For many, the concept of producing sauce that tastes and feels like pizza sauce is enough to make them drool.

Making a sauce that tastes like pizza sauce isn’t that simple, and it’s not really a “recipe” because it’s not like cooking a dish. Making it is a lengthy procedure including several phases and processes.

Pizza is the most famous Italian dish, and you can’t deny how much attention this pizza has gotten. The number of distinct pizza toppings varies by location and even by country.

Because pizza is Italian cuisine, there are also Italian-style sauces and dressings. Many cookbooks provide pizza sauce recipes. However, most of them are poor. If you’re searching for a nice pizza sauce, give this one a try.

Here is a simple Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce Recipe recipe. This sauce’s taste combination is basic but complex. The sweetness and heat are well balanced. I love to use this sauce over pizza, but it also goes well with baked pasta dishes.

Kids enjoy adding creative toppings to their pizzas, such as blue cheese and hot dogs, and the sauce is ideal for this. Cooking these delectable pizza toppings is simple, so follow the directions to discover how.

Chef Boyardee pizza sauce Ingredients

  • 1 finely sliced onion
  • 4 minced garlic cloves
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 liter chopped canned tomatoes with juice
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 2 tablespoons Italian spices
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.

How To Make Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce

In a large saucepan over low heat, heat the oil. 3-4 minutes, sauté the onion.

Chef Boyardee Pizza sauce mixer
Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce saucepan over low heat

Sauté for 2 minutes more after adding the garlic. Combine the tomatoes, tomato paste, and spices in a mixing bowl.

Simmer, stirring regularly, for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the sauce has truly reduced and thickened and the tomatoes have come apart well.

You may use a potato masher, a mixer, or a blender to smooth out the sauce (I prefer to keep some texture in it).

Chef Boyardee Pizza tomato paste

Delicious handmade pizza sauce is now available!

Chef Boyardee Pizza sauce

Nutrition Fact about chef Boyardee pizza sauce

  • Calories: 30 Calories from Fat: 15
  • Total Fat: 1.5 g 2%
  • Saturated Fat: 0 g 0%

Time & Servings

  • Total Time: 45 mins
  • Type: Side Dish
  • Servings: 2 cups

Frequently asked questions about Chef Boyardee pizza

What kind of cheese was in Chef Boyardee pizza mix?

A: Topping: A Cheese Blend [Parmesan And Romano Made From Cow’s Milk (Cultured Pasteurized Part-Skim Milk, Salt, Enzymes)], Rice Flour, Palm Oil, Salt, Powdered Cellulose Added To Prevent Caking, Potassium Sorbate Added As A Preservative

Is canned tomato sauce the same as pizza sauce?

A: The distinction between pizza sauce and pasta sauce

Tomato sauce and pizza sauce are related but not the same. The fundamental distinction between tomato sauce for pasta and pizza sauce is that pasta sauce is cooked during the sauce’s production, but pizza sauce is an uncooked tomato sauce that cooks alongside the pizza.

What sauce is in Chef Boyardee ravioli?

A: sauce with tomatoes

Chef Boyardee Meat Ravioli offers the classic flavor everyone loves, made with enriched pasta, drenched in hearty, Italian-flavored tomato sauce, and packed with genuine beef. Chef Boyardee has your back when you need a fast supper. Simply snap the easy-open top-up, and dinner is served in 90 seconds.

What is in the Chef Boyardee pizza kit?

A: This recipe yields one 12-inch pizza! Toppings: crust mix, pizza sauce, grated parmesan, and romano cheese. Simple family entertainment!

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