Christmas Baking Recipes You Must Try

No matter how well we plan, we always seem to have a jam-packed schedule of holiday events to attend, including Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and holiday meals.

Cookies garner the most attention among the many sweet treats associated with the holiday season. However, we’re here to dispel the myth that cookies are the only acceptable holiday treat. Now, more than ever, you can choose from various seasonal options that will leave your home smelling wonderful and stocked with tasty treats.

Check out this list of delicious Christmas treats and let us know which one you loved the most.

Easy Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

This Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Recipe is rich and creamy, with a crunchy topping of crushed candy canes! If you like the flavors of chocolate and peppermint, you’ll adore this fudge! It also makes an excellent Christmas present for friends and family.

What’s the greatest thing about this recipe? There’s no need for a candy thermometer or marshmallow crème! Instead, you can use basic ingredients like as chocolate, peppermint essence, sweetened condensed milk, and butter.

You’ll also need candy canes or crushed peppermint candies to garnish the fudge! This gives a nice crunch and a splash of seasonal color.

Classic Struffoli

This traditional Italian Struffoli dish calls for honey-coated fried dough garnished with rainbow sprinkles.

Tiny dough balls are fried till golden brown, then coated in a sticky-sweet honey syrup and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The nicest thing about these small dough balls? After frying, the sticky-sweet honey syrup was lathered over them.

Christmas Tree Cakes

My kids love Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, but they are only sometimes available. Now you can make them at home!

These Homemade Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes were a huge crowd-pleaser at our house!

This Christmas Tree cake is ideal for when you want to make a statement. It’s the most stunning centerpiece, and your visitors will be smitten. It requires some perseverance, but each step is always easy.

They tasted better than the Little Debbie version, according to everyone.

Bûche De Noël (Yule Log)

Look no further than this Bûche De Noël for a festive dessert that will certainly wow this season. This traditional French delicacy, also known as a yule log cake, wraps a filled chocolate sponge cake into a famous Christmas centerpiece.

This dish begins with a cocoa-flavored sponge cake, which will be filled with chocolate hazelnut whipped cream.

For a sparkly finish, cover it with chocolate ganache and a selection of delightful optional decorations like mushroom-shaped meringues, sugared cranberries, and rosemary.

It’s spectacular and intricate yet perfectly feasible in your home kitchen!

Citrus Upside Down Cake

This beautiful upside-down cake uses citrus from winter and will last you through summer. This cake is relatively easy to make, but the extra work of slicing citrus and fanning it out in the bottom of the pans makes it look so beautiful.

The fruit and butter mixture keeps the cake moist, and even though the thyme isn’t necessary, it makes the cake taste so good. You could also use rosemary if you like.

You can use any citrus fruit you like. We used slices of Navel, Cara Cara Oranges, Blood Orange, grapefruit oranges, and lemons. Try to fill the bottom as much as possible with fruit, trimming slices and overlapping them as needed.

I am Chef Harunur Rashid Azim. I inherited my family's love of cooking at a young age. I graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in London, UK, with determination and passion to become a chef. Follow me on Twitter: @RashidIsChef, FB: Azim

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