Flat Iron Steak Air Fryer Recipe

Flat iron steak air fryer recipe — What happens when you combine a steak and an air fryer? A succulent, crispy, and juicy flat iron steak. This dish is ideal for individuals who want to cook healthy without compromising flavor.

I have a flat iron steak air fryer recipe that will have your mouth watering. Because of its rich marbling, this steak comes from the shoulder blade and is tasty, soft, and juicy.

This steak cook in about 10 minutes! The nicest part about this dish is that you don’t have to heat up your house with hot ovens or stovetop burners by cooking it inside. So, if you’re searching for a quick dinner idea, try my flat iron steak air fryer recipe!

This is the recipe for you if you enjoy a good steak. Flat iron steak is a terrific and simple piece of meat to cook in your air fryer! So tasty!

Ingredients for air fried flat iron steak

  • 1 pound flat iron steak (or cut of your choice)
  • One teaspoon of seasoning salt 
  • Three tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • One teaspoon of Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, ground
  • One tablespoon of Garlic Powder
  • One tablespoon of onion powder

How to cook a flat iron steak in the air fryer

  • Refrigerate the steaks for 30 minutes before cooking. Pat dry on all sides and liberally season.
  • Wipe the bottom of the frying basket with a paper towel to leave a light coating of coconut oil.
Flat Iron Steak all mix
  • Insert the steaks into the fryer using the basket.
Flat Iron Steak cook air fry
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes to air fry. When instructed, turn the steaks.
  • When the steaks are done, set them on a cutting board and cover them with foil. Rest the meat for 5-10 minutes.
  • To serve, cut the steak against the grain.
flat iron steak air fryer recipe serv

Time & Servings

  • Total Time: 55 min
  • Servings: 4-5

Nutrition fact

  • Calories: 355
  • Total Fat: 26g
  • Sodium: 820mg
  • Carbohydrates: 1g
  • Cholesterol: 107mg
  • Protein: 30g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugar: 0g

Frequently asked questions about flat iron steak air fryer recipe

Can you cook steak in an air fryer?

Yes, Preheat the 3.5-quart air fryer to 400°F. Season both sides of the steak with a large sprinkling of salt and a few grinds of black pepper. Place the steak in the center of the air fryer basket and cook for 10 minutes for medium-rare, 12 minutes for medium, and 14 minutes for medium-well.

Does steak cook well in air fryer?

Yes. You may air-fry a variety of foods, including steak. Your steak will come out perfectly every time since the temperatures within the air fryer are so stable. It’s excellent when the weather isn’t cooperating, and you can’t fire up the grill.

Is it necessary to flip steak in an air fryer?

There are several schools of thought when it comes to turning steaks in an air fryer. You don’t need to flip an air fryer because of its amazing capacity to circulate hot air over food. If you leave your steak on one side, it will cook through.

But flipping might bring a different part of the steak closer to the heat source, which is at the top of an air fryer. A steak will cook more evenly if it is turned halfway through.

How long does it take to air fry a flat iron steak?

While the air fryer is heated up, spread olive oil on your steaks and season with salt and black pepper. Cook the steaks for 6 minutes in the air fryer, then turn and cook for another 6 minutes. Allow your steaks to rest for a few minutes after taking them out of the air fryer. Plate, serve, and have fun!

What temp is medium-rare?

(130°-140°F) Medium Rare. A “medium rare” steak will have a heated core. The steak will begin to firm up on the outside but stay soft and tender in the interior.

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