How Long to Cook Popcorn Chicken in Air Fryer

Before the air fryer, it wasn’t easy to make a fast snack. 

For example, popcorn chicken required a significant amount of time and worked to prepare, and the enjoyment of eating it would be substantially lessened by the time it was all said and done.

Perhaps you, like me, want to be able to cook faster or reduce your oil consumption. We’ve got you covered, whatever the cause. This post will tell you exactly how long to cook popcorn chicken in an air fryer.

How long does it take an air fryer to cook popcorn chicken?

First and foremost, we would want to state unequivocally that there is no such thing as a perfect amount of time. There are variances since various things can influence the frying process, the fryer, and, therefore, the time. 

Some of these elements include the temperature, the type of air fryer, the state of your popcorn chicken (whether frozen or not), and how you prepare your popcorn chicken.

So, based on the conditions mentioned, the correct answer to how long to cook popcorn chicken in an air fryer is 8 to 15 minutes. To assist you, 10 minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit should be plenty to cook your popcorn chicken. 

You may adjust the time and temperature depending on your preferences to get the required crispiness.

Suppose you need additional information on what influences the cooking time of your popcorn chicken. In that case, we’ll go over some specifications below that should help you time the cooking of this delightful snack.

How Does Popcorn Chicken Preparation Affect the Cooking Time?

Whether your food is already cooked before packaging or you prepare it yourself, the cooking time should always be considered. Because it has been made with cooking instructions in mind, packaged popcorn chicken should cook faster. 

You are unlikely to prepare it quickly after receiving it. It will be frozen when the urge arises, so preparation, in this case, is getting it out early to thaw before putting it in.

The size of your chicken pieces is the most crucial component that will directly influence the time required for homemade popcorn chicken cooking. 

The air fryer cooks chicken by swirling hot air around each piece. The longer it takes for the heat to reach the center of each chicken chunk, the larger the chunks of chicken.

Pro Tip: Boneless and skinless chicken breasts are great for this dish.

Check the Air-Frying Equipment

Knowing the model of your air fryer is critical in calculating how long to cook popcorn chicken in your air fryer. Different models not only come with varied air fryer baskets, but they also cook at different times, so study the owner’s handbook.

Always double-check your equipment and warm the air fryer before using it. To begin preheating, plug in your clean equipment, set the timer, turn on the fryer, select the highest temperature, and let it run. Preheating your fryer saves time and results in crispier, crunchier food.

How Do You Cook in an Air Fry?

You’ve already sliced the chicken into bite-size pieces. Any popcorn chicken dish requires bite-size bits. Also, before you start cooking, ensure that your instruments are clean.

Spray the basket with cooking spray before arranging the chicken in batches in a single layer. Take note of your air fryer’s basket size to see how much you can fit. Overlaying your chicken will prevent it from cooking evenly.

Because of the large amount of oil utilized, a deep fryer will most likely fry your popcorn chicken in a single batch. When using air fryers, a brief oil spray on the chicken results in crunchier chicken. This may be done between 3-5 minutes of cooking time or 6-8 minutes, depending on the air frying duration you choose.

During the cooking process, flip the layer of popcorn chicken over. This permits heated air to reach the previously facing downside. The entire circulation of heated air achieves crispiness.

Why is Air Frying Great?

For a long time, oil was thought to be a vital step in frying meals, which would be OK if it weren’t for the negative effects of fatty food on the human body. 

This has prompted a quest for an alternate cooking process that would allow us to enjoy our crispy dishes without worrying about the oil and grease. This is when air frying comes into play.Air frying is undoubtedly one of the quickest methods of cooking available. Even the time it takes to cook popcorn chicken in an air fryer demonstrates its efficiency in delivering a quick and delightful snack. It’s less stressful, easier, and a healthier alternative.

The equipment is quite simple to use. All that is necessary to operate and maintain an air fryer is a quick perusal of the handbook. It is somewhat automated, so you put your food in, set the temperature, and tell it when to stop. Yes, it comes to a halt automatically without your intervention.

Make sure that whatever recipe you use to make your popcorn chicken is an air-frying one.

I am Chef Harunur Rashid Azim. I inherited my family's love of cooking at a young age. I graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in London, UK, with determination and passion to become a chef. Follow me on Twitter: @RashidIsChef, FB: Azim

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