Lynx Pizza Oven Review

For good reason, wood-fired ovens are all the rage these days.
Not because cooking in a wood-fired oven enhances taste (more on that later), but because these devices get extremely hot—much hotter than your average indoor oven.

Today, I’m going over the Lynx Napoli Oven, which will surely be a top selection for outdoor cooking fans in 2022.
After using this oven for almost a year, I’ve cooked just about everything you can think of in it, in all kinds of weather—including snowy winter days.
The following are my results after 60+ cooks using the natural gas version of this appliance.

Lynx pizza oven review

The Lynx Pizza Oven is probably one of the best countertop pizza ovens you can buy if you want to experience the sensation of cooking commercial pizza at home.

This oven is ideal for your backyard or patio and can be used to cook and bake a variety of dishes.

The oven has a pretty unique design and cooking style, so if you’re interested in it, read more about the features and different uses of the oven to decide if it’s a good buying decision or not.

The Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven has the following features:

 1. The oven has one of the unique designs I’ve seen, ensuring even the cooking of the pizza. Two splinters on the oven’s sides are on fire, thanks to the gas as fuel.

When you’re cooking something in the oven, this looks really nice.

2. The food cooks thanks to the innovative and amazing design perfectly, and you can cook almost any dish inside the pizza oven.

So, if you’re tired of just cooking pizza, you can also cook steak in the oven with no problems.

3. On both sides of the pizza oven, there are two knobs that can be used to control the intensity of the flames inside the oven.

You can control the oven temperature by turning the knob and noting the temperature on the temperature dial.

4. The exhaust on the top of the oven can be removed, and the direction of the air emitted from the oven can be changed.

This is a really useful feature in the oven because you can direct the direction of the hot air being emitted. Although I’m not sure why anyone would keep it facing them, I suppose it would work well in cold countries.

5. The total oven surface area is 400 square feet, which is quite large and can easily accommodate two pizzas.

6. The oven can quickly reach 700°C, and if you want to change the temperature, all you have to do is reduce the flame using the two knobs located on both sides of the oven.

7. The oven has a stone-surfaced drawer that you can easily pull out once the pizza has finished cooking inside the oven. The oven also includes a pizza peel, making inserting and removing pizzas a breeze.

8. The infrared burners on both sides of the oven can be controlled independently using the controls on either side of the oven.

9. The cover is detachable, allowing you to place it and completely close the oven to preheat the interiors before you begin cooking.

The Benefits of Using the Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven

– The oven looks fantastic and has a very sleek finish that I rarely see in an outdoor pizza oven.

– The inside and outside of the oven are both sleek and classic, which is unusual in an outdoor gas-powered pizza oven.

– Because it is a gas-powered pizza oven, the oven heats up quickly.

– Each infrared burner can be individually controlled.

– There is LED lighting so you can see how your food is cooking inside the oven.

– The pizza stone drawer is simple to remove, and you can easily remove your pizza with a pizza peel when it is done.

–A reversible chimney is available so that you can control the direction of exhaust fumes.

– Because it can cook more than one pizza at a time, it is ideal for hosting pizza parties or family gatherings.

– A temperature range of up to 700°C is possible.

– With the proper temperature settings, it is possible to cook almost anything.

The Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven has a few drawbacks.

–You may need to get used to the temperature settings at first, as it is easy to burn the first few pizzas.

–Depending on how many people you plan to cook for, you may want to bring enough fuel for the oven.

–It is not portable enough for you to transport it on trips, so it is best if it is sitting on a countertop in your backyard or patio.

Final verdict on Lynx pizza oven review

The Lynx Pizza oven is most likely the best gas-powered countertop pizza oven.

Yes, it is the best of the bunch, and everything about it is amazing, from the build quality to the way it cooks the pizza. If you want something beautiful for outdoor cooking, the Lynx pizza oven is ideal.

It can cook almost anything, making it ideal for a backyard party, and you can easily control the temperature of the oven to prepare different dishes.

This oven is without a doubt one of the best models available, and if you were considering purchasing one, you should definitely do so.

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  1. I have one, and I am struggling to have it make a good pizza, it burns the toppings before the crust is baked properly. I have tried baking at 500 degrees, but the toppings are done, before the crust is baked. Would it help to leave the door off during baking?


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