How many pizzas should you order per person? (Pizza Sizes Explained)

Did you know a 14-inch pizza has four times the amount of pie as a 7-inch pizza?

Pizza is delicious, but knowing the various sizes takes a lot of work. They come in “all forms and sizes.”

Even as someone who used to purchase pizza regularly, I needed to understand how pizza sizes operate and how many pizzas should be bought.

However, after reading this essay, you will never have to worry about any of this.’

Furthermore, I’ll do the math for you. I’ll go through how many servings different pizza sizes have, how big different pizza sizes are, and how many slices different pizzas have. So you won’t get confused next time your order pizza.

Please remember that the smallest pizza size has two names: pan and personal. So I need clarification if I use two names for the same size, they’ll be the same.

How Many Pizzas Do You Need to Order?

The 3/8 rule is the best way to figure out how many pizzas you should order. Each guest probably eats three slices of pizza, and an average large pizza has about eight slices.

Remember to round up to get whole numbers. And order more (or less) depending on the size of your party.

According to this rule, you should order the following number of pizzas based on the number of people you are entertaining:

  • 5 person: Order 2 pizzas, assuming 3 slices for each person.
  • 10 people: Order 4 pizzas, as guests will likely eat 32 slices (in total).
  • 15 people: If each visitor consumes 3 slices of pizza, order 6 pizzas for total of 48 slices.
  • 20 people:  If each visitor consumes 3 slices of pizza, order 8 pizzas for a total of 64 slices. You will have 4 leftover pieces.
  • 25 people: Order 10 pizzas if all guests eat 80 slices in total. Each person will eat 3 slices, and you will have 5 leftover slices.

It’s worth noting that the number of pizzas you purchase for your party will be determined by the pie sizes you choose.

Pizza Sizes

Before I offer you a particular number, please remember that these sizes are standard. Although most businesses adhere to these guidelines, not all (tiny businesses) do. Nonetheless, the following figures are excellent predictions for such locations.

This is not uniform and universal, even among brands. Some companies may have their measurements that they adhere to, but they will always be right by a significant amount. In summary, you don’t have to worry about your local pizza restaurant not following these specifications because they will be slightly off.

How Large Is a Personal Pizza?

This is the tiniest pizza available. A personal pizza has a 7-inch diameter. It holds around 38.5 square inches of pizza.

How Large Is a Small Pizza?

A little pizza is about 10 inches in diameter. It holds around 50 – 78.5 square inches of pizza. This site has the most variances, ranging from 8 to 10 inches wide.

How Large Is a Medium Pizza?

The diameter of a medium pizza is 12″. It has 113 square inches of pizza in it. The Ooni Karu 12, Ooni Koda 12, and Ooni Frya 12 are excellent outdoor pizza ovens for cooking up to medium-sized pizzas. Though larger pizza ovens are available, I recommend these if you only plan on preparing medium pizzas.

How Large Is a Large Pizza?

A giant pizza measures 2 inches longer than a medium pizza. A large pizza has a 14″ diameter. It has a pizza area of 153.9 square inches.

How Large Is an Extra Large Pizza?

A giant pizza is 2 inches larger than an extra-large pizza. The diameter of an extra-large pizza is 16″. It has a pizza area of 201.1 square inches.

Of course, as previously said, the figures can change, but more is needed to be declared erroneous. Oh, and about the neighborhood. Pi * r2 is the formula for computing the area of a circle (the shape of a pizza).

As a result, the area changes with the square of the radius rather than the radius itself. The area is quadrupled when the radius (or diameter) is doubled.

Larger pizza ovens are required for cooking pizzas larger than 12″. The Ooni Koda 16, Ooni Karu 16, and Ooni Pro 16 are three of the most incredible outdoor pizza ovens for cooking up to 16″ pizzas (this one is overkill, though).

You may also use the smaller outdoor pizza ovens by cutting your pizza into four pieces and cooking them individually. You may use this section to choose which outdoor pizza oven is best for you.

Of Slices of Pizza, The diameters and areas of various pizza sizes vary. As a result, their slice sizes are different. However, the size difference could be more prominent (as I’ll demonstrate). As a result, a slice of any size pizza includes nearly the same quantity of pizza.

Number of Slices in a Pan Pizza

The most miniature pizza per slice is on a pan pizza with four slices.

Number of Slices in a Small Pizza

There are six slices on a small pizza.

Number of Slices in a Medium Pizza

There are 8 slices on a medium pizza.

Number of Slices in a Large Pizza

There are 10 slices on a large pizza.

Number of Slices in an Extra Large Pizza

You can have approximately 12 slices of an extra-large pizza (possibly even more). Extra-large pizzas have the largest pizza area per slice.

Area per Slice

Divide the overall area of the pizza by the number of slices to get the area per slice. A small pizza has 13.1 square inches of pizza per slice, a medium pizza has 14.1 square inches of pizza per slice, a large pizza has 15.4 square inches of pizza per slice, and an extra large pizza has 16.6 square inches of pizza per slice.

Servings per Pizza

Many factors affect how much pizza one can eat, including:

  • Appetite
  • Physique
  • Pizza’s Taste

However, for the sake of this post, I will only consider some of them. One serving is what an average adult can safely consume in one sitting. Consider three children to be the equivalent of two adults.

How Many People can a Personal Pizza Serve?

One adult and barely two children can share a personal pizza.

How Many People can a Small Pizza Serve?

There are 6 slices on a small pizza, so 2 adults and 3 children can eat it.

How Many People can a Medium Pizza Serve?

There are 8 slices on a medium pizza, meaning it can serve around 3 adults and 4 children.

How Many People can a Large Pizza Serve?

A large pizza with 10 slices can feed approximately 4 adults and 5-6 children.

How Many People Can an Extra Large Pizza Serve?

Pizza with at least 12 slices can serve 4-5 adults and around 6-7 children.

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