We visited 3 Pizzerias in NJ and Here is our taste testing result

On average, Americans all over the United States consume 46 slices of pizza each year. I am from the UK and found that fact quite humorous because we felt we were not average pizza consumers, as I eat half this amount in a year. 

However, when I visited New Jersey, I tried some Pizzerias. My wife and kids love pizza, so I had to do it.

Today, I am talking about 3 pizza stores I visited last week(I will visit some more in the next few weeks!). Here are my 2 cents on the Pizza Taste Testing so far.

Scardino’s Pizza in Lodi, Taste Testing

Scardino’s Pizza in Lodi

Lodi, NJ will have 25,000 residents in 2022. But there are not that many Pizza Stores here. Today, we’ll evaluate Scardino’s Pizzeria in Lodi, New Jersey.

This crust crunched. After a few nibbles, I was dissatisfied with the unpleasant, stale bread sensation on my senses.

I’m not sure if the dough is not well-kept behind the counter or if the recipe causes that slight foul flavor, but the crust hurt this slice’s total score, as I noticed that off-tasting each bite.

The crust first appears fresh, but a second taste reveals a strange rigidity, probably a symptom of outdated pizza dough. I tried to ignore the chewy crust, but I knew something was wrong.

The oven did firm up the crust edges, which was a plus. The crust resembles Torna’s Pizza in Hoboken, New Jersey.

This sauce was dry as a dying man’s cough. Scardino’s tomato sauce hurt this crust.

The crusty, dry tomato pizza sauce might have flowed more, as in North Jersey. Due to the solidified pizza sauce, I wondered whether I’d been sold an old piece.

Poor pizza sauce, to put it mildly. Also, while tasting this pizza sauce, it was hard to distinguish any taste other than oven residue (the crust).

Scardino’s Pizza mozzarella cheese on a basic slice.

Scardino’s Pizza Slicei

This mozzarella has no cheese pull. No cheese pull indicates a daily-sold, aged, poorly-kept cheese. The slice had neither a cheese pull nor enough cheese.

The cheese tasted okay. Undercooked or overdone mozzarella is hard to damage. Overcooked, we think. Again, the cheese was so firm that I believed I’d been duped.

Ultimately, a $2.65 slice of pizza isn’t worth it. I will not recommend it to my friends.

Pizza Mania in Garfield, NJ Pizza Review

Now, we go to Garfield, New Jersey, to search for the “Best Plain Slice.”

According to Buzzfile.com sources, Pizza Mania has been in operation since 2008. They pull in over $200,000 each year with nine employees on file.

That statistic shows that Pizza Mania has some loyal clients since they have done well in business year after year for the past 12 years.

PizzaMania in Garfield Review

Pizza Mania, located at 392 Midland Avenue, is open every day from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

When you go inside this pizza for the first time, you see the many slices in their display glass straight ahead, which might be a good indicator of an excellent-tasting pizzeria. Although the Sicilian slice looked delicious, I requested the woman, who appeared to be in her mid-30s, for a plain slice to go to give an honest review.

First and foremost, we taste the crust. When discussing the crust on this basic piece of cheese pizza from Pizza Mania in Garfield, New Jersey, the fluffy inner texture reminded me of the well-known traditional ‘boardwalk style’ pizza. However, the inside of the slice may be a little too mushy on the upper section of the crust.

I’m unsure if this was because of the 90-second, high-temperature oven period they attempted to adopt or if their pizza dough needed additional kneading. Nonetheless, I could not complete the crust due to its softness, indicating that the pizza was cooked too quickly.

To say the least, the taste was acceptable. Tasting this crust, with a slight tinge of sweetness in flavor, was and still is a bearable experience for certain pizza fans. Mostly, the flaw that stood out to me was the texture, which left an unpleasant aftertaste.

A pizza sauce may make or break the dining experience with any slice. Tomato sauce on pizza is normally in the middle between the cheese and the dough, leaving you to decide if it’s nice or just plain bad.

While eating this pizza sauce, you will notice a strong flavor that is pretty delightful. Despite the somewhat salty aftertaste, I was impressed with the well-made, full-flavored sauce.

After being shocked, I attentively examined the sauce on the pizza and discovered several more herbs in the pizza sauce beneath the cheese, resulting in a more satisfying eating experience.

In terms of texture, this sauce was silky smooth, almost too smooth, with a fluid-like viscosity. Because of its smoother finish, this variety of sauce may appeal to young children in particular. Because most prominent pizzerias utilize a thicker paste, some may find this sauce a little too runny.

Surprisingly, the flavor of this cheese was semi-tasty and flavorful. The main reason I was shocked was that it appeared to be more sauce than cheese at first appearance, and I expected terrible cheese, but both assumptions appeared to be untrue.

This mozzarella had a stringy feel, indicating that it was not the freshest cheese in Passaic County, New Jersey.

A slice of PizzaMania Pizza

On the plus side, the chef made certain that there was cheese all around the slice so that the customer’s eating experience was complete. With more cheese on a slice than typical, the customer has a thicker cheese to bite into, making it more pleasurable, which we loved.

Although the flavor of the cheese was reasonably tasty and thick in certain sections, there was a minor lack of freshness to this cheese, and the quality of the mozzarella cheese was low.

This flavor does not surprise us after eating this slice due to its general decency as a slice. This pizza’s sauce, with its powerful taste, was the standout aspect.

A standard piece of cheese pizza from Pizza Mania will cost you $3.20, tax included. We don’t think this slice is worth it if it only tastes half as excellent.

As previously stated, this place is surrounded by pizzerias in Garfield. Furthermore, there are other noteworthy pizzerias around Elmwood Park and the Saddle Brook neighborhood, so we look forward to checking those out soon to give an acceptable substitute simple slice in this Passaic County location.

If you want an excellent tomato pizza sauce, you should sample Pizza Mania to get your verdict on the whole slice.

Frank & Joe’s Pizza in Paterson Review

Frank & Joe’s Pizza in Paterson Review

Frank and Joe’s is recognized for its crust. Frank (the proprietor) said he’d used the same pizza recipe since 1972 in Italy. Although we adore memories and customs, the crust was not tasty.

Its crust is thick and more like a baguette than a pizza. I must say that the crust’s taste isn’t the finest, practically stale.

The sauce had no effect on the pizza. Not enough. It seems like they didn’t like the pizza sauce. I wondered whether I was eating old Ragu because of the sauce’s clumpy texture. Try this one if you want a slice with not too much sauce.

The Frank and Joe’s pizza cheese was the best part. Mozzarella was creamy and thick. The cheese wasn’t too stringy to choke on and had a fresh feel.

The cheese was greasy, but not too much. Stability of cheese made up for canned sauce and thick crust.

It’s not the finest pizza in NJ. Also, I’d be “jumping the gun” if I said it’s the worst pizza in Paterson, New JErsey.

A simple slice costs $2 at Frank & Joe’s Pizza. I’d say this pizza is worth it for its thick crust and creamy cheese flavor.

Their pizza offers a unique blend of cheese, dough, and sauce that I haven’t had anyplace else. This pizza has been around since I was born (1994), so that says something.

Plain slice from Frank & Joe's Pizza

If you’re in Paterson’s eastside park area, try Frank and Joe’s Pizza. Pizza’s dynamics make it an experience you won’t forget. Also, the folks outside are fun and calm.

By far this is an OK experience, I have so far. If you ask me which one I should recommend out of these 3 pizza parlors, I would definitely say Frank & Joe’s Pizza.

I am Chef Harunur Rashid Azim. I inherited my family's love of cooking at a young age. I graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in London, UK, with determination and passion to become a chef. Follow me on Twitter: @RashidIsChef, FB: Azim

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