Roccbox Pizza Oven Recipes

Roccbox is new to you? Here’s some information for you! To get to know your new favorite cooking buddy, we have compiled The First Five Recipes we think you HAVE to try. These beginner recipes cover everything from pizza to vegetables.

It was hard to choose our favorite recipes for Roccbox beginners, but we think these 5 offer a glimpse into what Roccbox can do.

Meat is so succulent and moist, beautifully crusted on the outside, and vegetables so tasty you might never eat meat again. Of course, there’s pizza.

As you become pizza obsessed increasingly, you’ll no doubt be exploring our website for dough recipes. We’ve included some of the best beginner’s dough recipes as well as a great way to use the leftover dough.

Pizza dough recipe

Pizza dough recipe

You want to cook pizza in your outdoor pizza oven. With our simple dough recipe, you get an easy and simple recipe, and you can use both plain bread flour and higher-end pizza flour.

This dough is made in a day, unlike many pizza dough recipes that take up to 72 hours to ferment (with delicious results). You may want to try other doughs as you progress and even get a turning peel so you can keep the pizza in the oven for the entire baking process, but for beginners, this quick dough will do just fine.

Panozzo with meatballs

Panozzo with meatballs

In the event that you have leftover dough balls (not as hungry as you thought? ), don’t throw them away. You can make something amazing from the old dough.

This meatball panuozzo recipe uses leftover dough and tomatoes to make a delicious Italian-style sandwich topped with oozy mozzarella cheese and meatballs. In no time at all, you will be making too much dough every time.

We recommend these Five First Recipes to get you started with Roccbox. You can find all of our recipes here after you have tried these.

Bone-In Rib Of Beef

While it is a ‘pizza’ oven, the fact is that meat does amazing things in extremely hot and dry environments. Any cut of beef tastes fantastic in a Roccbox, but we highly recommend trying this super simple bone-in rib of beef cooked simply with butter, garlic, and herbs to showcase the possibilities of cooking meat in a hot stone oven at 950 degrees Fahrenheit/500 degrees Celsius.

Detroit Pizza

Gozney HQ’s favourite food is Detroit style pizza – and it’s not hard to see why! People have been known to fight over the crispy edges of this dough recipe, which makes bouncy dough that is easy to work with. You have to try it!

Cauliflower Steak

The best way to cook vegetables is by charring them with fire, and this recipe makes the veg the star of the meal.

Under the rolling flame, a chunk of cauliflower (and most vegetables) undergoes something magical. You get a gorgeous vegetable main dish by adding butter, lemon, and capers. You’ll fall in love with fire and vegetables from now on.

In a Roccbox, how long does it take to cook a pizza?

It takes 20-30 minutes for an oven to heat up to 400-450 C and 60-90 seconds to cook a pizza. I would suggest heating them for 1 hour at full blast if you are planning a longer session. Despite continuous use for 5-6 hours, the stone remains at 400C.

How do you cook Roccbox pizza?

In order to assure the stone floor is at the desired temperature (400-420 degrees on the stone floor), the Roccbox needs to be fully saturated with heat with the flame turned down.

How big can a Roccbox cook a pizza?

Featuring a 12-inch pizza oven, the Gozney Roccbox is a compact pizza oven for outdoor use. With silicone skin, you can safely touch it even when the interior temperature is well over 600 degrees, and you can cook your pizza either with gas or wood-burning stoves.

To store the Roccbox, you just need to make sure it’s dry. It’s best to store it in a shed or garage when it’s not in use.

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