Top 6 Ooni Pizza Ovens

If you want to make great homemade pizza, then the Ooni Pizza Oven is the right product for you. The Ooni is a wood-fired pizza oven used indoors or out and cooks up pizzas in just 90 seconds.

Your wait will be shortened dramatically with this pizza! You don’t have to wear the wait to watch your pizza bake, so we’ll spend less time in such an endeavor.

Compared to cooking with traditional cookware, this product is easier to use and offers convenient performance.

As opposed to others, the brick pizza cooker does not require any regular servicing, therefore making it even much simpler to use often! With all the amazing features it provides, there’s no reason not to purchase the best Ooni Pizza cooker available!

Ooni Pizza Ovens: what are they?

An outdoor pizza oven is a cooking appliance specially designed to prepare pizzas at very high temperatures. The cooker uses metal insulation and a distinct design that enables pizzas to cook in as little as eight minutes. Some models include hinged decks that enable the user to prepare other types of food simultaneously.

Why do Ooni pizza ovens work?

The apparatus is powered by an Ooni Pizza burner’s main chamber fire. Lay your kindling here before igniting it with a lighter or matches. The charcoal was then ignited on the grate. Some users may need to keep adding small amounts of kindling or charcoal to their fires to get more heat.

Your coals should be red hot after 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, they should be brilliant embers (as seen in the photo below). This means your Ooni Pizza oven is ready.


Ooni offers several models, so there is likely one to fit your needs and budget. Their ovens come in 12,” or 16″ sizes and are either wood pellet or gas-powered or both wood and gas. The price ranges from $299 to $799, depending on the size and specifications.

It was really easy to use the gas on the 16″ Koda, and we wanted a bigger size to cook more things like fish or steak.


It’s easier than you might think to use the Ooni pizza oven! I was surprised by how easy it was. Connect the propane tank and heat it for 20 minutes on high after connecting it. Put your pizza in the pan, bring it to a simmer, and let it cook for a couple of minutes. We enjoyed watching the pizza cook and how easy the Ooni was to use!

This oven only has flames on the right and left sides, so the right side is cooler, giving you a better sense of cooking the pizza. In addition to providing plenty of space to move the pie, the 16″ Koda also keeps it away from the flame, preventing it from scorching too fast.


I can see why the hype was so great. Overall, the Ooni is a worthwhile investment. Creating and cooking food can be a very enjoyable experience, as I think it can be.

Overall, I thought that Ooni would be more work than I expected. Initially, I thought the setup would be difficult, the prep and cooking would be time-consuming, and the cleaning process was unclear. In general, I’m happy to find that the Ooni is a very straightforward, simple, outdoor pizza oven. Setting it up is a breeze. It’s not difficult to prepare, heat the oven, and cook the pizzas. And cleanup is almost nonexistent.

We could easily take this camping when there are no wildfires raging because it’s lightweight and portable.

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven

Ooni koda 12 gas pizza oven

  • It is the perfect outdoor pizza oven for those who like to cook and share meals with their friends and family. In addition to cooking round pizzas, your pizza oven will transform from a mere timer into an outdoor cooking beast that can roast fish, meat, or vegetables.
  • The Ooni Koda, with its ease of use and amazing insulation, makes it a great choice for busy individuals looking to relax after a long day at work by spending time with their loved ones over the quality food that you provide.
  • If you use this best Ooni pizza oven on the beach by the campfire or on your patio by the open fire pit, cooking will be at its best. It is a sleek yet flexible kitchen appliance that’s designed for portability.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Excellent addition to any backyard is the Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven. The Ooni pizza oven reaches a temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit and cooks stone-baked Neapolitan style pizza in less than 60 seconds (Ooni claims that you can feed your hungry family of four real wood-fired delicious pizzas in less than 7 minutes).
  • Are you feeling like cooking out there isn’t worth it with the heat? The pizzeria maker heats up without even using traditional fire thanks to an easy-to-use pellet hopper that feeds hardwood pellets (perfect for those who have smoke and flame allergies or live in areas prone to wildfires).
  • Our best portable wood-fired pizza oven to date is the Ooni Fyra 12. It is the strongest and most versatile model we’ve ever made. Ooni’s patented design and integrated features integrate combustion technology to provide more options than any other product, making it easy to slice and toast ingredients without leaving the cooking area. This gourmet pizza would make a wonderful addition to any backyard barbecue or picnic!

Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven,

  • The award-winning Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven is perfect for roasting meat, fish, and vegetables in your patio or garden. With its rapid heating time of just 10 minutes and energy-efficient wood pellets, this fireplace provides not only a smoky flavor but is also incredibly sustainable. Take your Ooni 3 with you anywhere! It has a lightweight design that is easy to use anywhere!
  • Wood-fired pizzas are cooked in just 60 seconds in the Ooni 3, an award-winning outdoor pizza oven. It is perfect for your outdoor patio or garden since it has a 360o rotating stand and can be transported anywhere outside.
  • In addition to roasting meat, fish, and vegetables, this kitchen gadget creates an ideal cooking environment for so many things. Ooni 3 is one of the most innovative ovens on the market today because of its lightweight and easy-to-use design.

Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven 

Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven,

  • You can heat up without the hassle of hauling wood to your backyard with the Ooni Karu 12 Multi-fuel pizza oven. This professional-grade pizza oven cooks great pizza in just 60 seconds and adds tons of aesthetic appeal to any yard or patio.
  • When you’re not cooking a delicious meal over a hardwood fire burning at 950°, the sleek metal finish and compact design ensure a neat, tidy, and well-lit outdoor space. However, since it uses both gas and hardwood, there is no need to worry about running out
  • An excellent outdoor kitchen appliance, the Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven boasts an innovative new design, a portable weight, a powerful flame, and a wide cooking area. Our custom-designed fuel tray allows for perfect combustion of gas or real hardwood, ensuring a much higher level of heat than traditional BBQs or other wood-burning pizza ovens available in stores.
  • In order to adjust the temperature levels simply raise or lower both the top and bottom vents independently and then return them to their desired settings. A naturally downward slanting frame provides uniform heat distribution as well as making reaching over it convenient, as well as safe because additional side shields keep everything inside contained within a single area.

Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker

Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker

  • Portable outdoor ovens are not easy to find, but the Ooni Pro 16 is! Cook delicious pizza or roast meat, fish, or vegetables in minutes with Ooni Pro 16, a revolutionary cooking gadget that reaches 900-degree temperatures in just 20 minutes.
  • With a seating capacity of 950 degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes, the Ooni Pro 16 is designed for the most passionate cookers. It runs on wood, charcoal pellets, and gas. Additionally, this outdoor pizza oven can be used as a grill to roast meat, fish, and vegetables.
  • Due to its built-in high heat retention system, it can cook an impressive amount of ingredients at once despite its size. You’ll never worry about a cold center with the patented insulated steel body and stone bakes board design that keeps heat evenly distributed throughout cooking time.

Ooni Pro UU-PO8100 Outdoor Pizza Oven

ooni Ooni Pro UU-PO8100 Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven makes delicious, authentic wood-fired pizza in 60 seconds. It comes with a custom-designed fuel tray that provides powerful heat without excess ash, and it fits in comfortably with any interior design. It features a steel construction that is easy to clean with a removable side tray that can be used to store unused or scraped pizzas.
  • You can be assured that this outdoor cooking unit will not break easily because of its high-quality materials. Besides cooking great food quickly, it uses natural fuel responsibly, heats up very fast, has no smoky flavor that interferes with cooking, and it can cook a variety of foods – brownies are delicious!
  • In order to make this product successful, you must spend time cooking it. Whether you are using charcoal or wood as fuel, your pizza will be ready in just one minute. Because of this, you’ll have a minimum amount of clean-up – all the excess ash simply disappears! You won’t have to bend your arms, which makes it convenient and easy to use

Size of the oven

You’ll also want an oven that’s appropriate for your needs, so the size of the Ooni oven is another important consideration. When you cook pizza for a dozen people, why do you need a 4-slice oven?

Even though it seems obvious, it’s surprising how often people buy something too small or too large without realizing that this can easily be avoided! Buying a sized product that corresponds to the number of people you serve regularly would be our best recommendation.

Don’t hesitate to ask Kalkidan Ltd for advice if you’re unsure of what size would be best for you! Depending on the customer’s requirements, we have experience advising them and would be happy to help.


In addition, the oven’s internal volume plays an important role in how long it takes to cook. In other words, the more space you have to work with, the more pizzas you can cook at once.

If you host regular parties or events where lots of people come through your door looking for food, that’s good to know! For that reason, we suggest that you go with a model that has sufficient capacity and then purchase smaller versions if you need them later because they’re easier to move.

Any way you look at it, everyone will be happy when you have a big Ooni oven (and we like it too!).


It’s great to have a wood-fired oven because you can cook an entire meal with one appliance. Therefore, you should consider what type of heat source is best for your Ooni pizza oven because it will affect how it functions. You might want to consider these options:


In indirect ovens, charcoal is the most common choice because of a few reasons: it’s inexpensive (certainly cheaper than other fuels), it’s easy to find anywhere in the world, and it’s hotter than other types of fuels.

Additionally, you can use unlit charcoal for flavoring your food when cooking with indirect heat. But there are also some downsides, including the fact that charcoal is dirty and messy, meaning you’ll have to clean your Ooni oven more often.


Wood is the second most popular choice for indirect heating, and it has some good points: It can be easily obtained, it burns hot when ignited properly, and you can add other kinds of fuel (such as unfit charcoal) to enhance the flavor of the cooking process.

On the other hand, there are some negative aspects: It takes up a lot more room than charcoal (meaning you may have to move or sacrifice using your Ooni), it doesn’t burn as long as charcoal, and it emits smoke that can cause the dough to smell when used indoors.


We recommend going with electricity for your Ooni if you’re not sure which type of heat to use. It is clean and convenient to use indoors (although you should always check whether cooking with it in your country is legal), it can be found almost anywhere, and it produces less ash than wood or charcoal.

There are some drawbacks, however: Electric heat requires a power source, so it is inconvenient to use it outdoors if your yard is without electricity, and these appliances are most effective when used outdoors.

Natural Gas

Using natural gas as a heat source is a great choice because of its convenience. You can connect this appliance directly to the natural gas grid at home. With the settings set to suit your needs, you can cook any type of food!

Having said that, if you’re planning to use your Ooni oven outside, this is not the ideal option since natural gas can’t work without electricity.

Material Quality

Make sure your appliances are made from rust-resistant metal or steel if you plan on placing them outside. Consider using clay or ceramic components if the model has components that are less likely to break or warp when heated. Further, products with silicone gaskets attached at the doors (that create an airtight seal) will last longer than those that do not have this technology!

In general, better-quality materials tend to be more expensive, but investing in something built to last is a good decision – especially if you don’t want multiple Ooni’s in your backyard after using a low-quality oven.

Ease of Use

As we have explained throughout this article, it is essential to consider how easy it is to use your Ooni pizza oven. Some products are easier to use, easier to clean, and they come with features such as cooking timers and temperature gauges to ensure that everything cooks evenly.

Although these appliances tend to share similar controls (such as dials that control the gas levels and heat), there are a few unique safety features you’ll need to be aware.


A Ooni Pizza Oven uses how many wood pellets/lump charcoals?

Pizzas cooked on an open fire can require 4 to 5 ounces of pellets over three hours, whereas you will only use about 2 ounces of pellets in Ooni for a few pizzas. Due to the fact that the quality of the food does not change and the amount of fuel used is so minimal, it’s a much cheaper alternative than cooking on an open fire. Less charcoal also means buying fewer replacement coils!

How do you use an Ooni

Almost anything can be cooked in a wood-fired oven! Crispy and thin crusts, as well as rustic loaves of bread, have become popular. Also great is thick bread with more time-consuming toppings. There have also been naan bread, pizza bagels with melted mozzarella cheese in the dough, and apple tarts for dessert.

Compared to other ovens, what makes Ooni unique

The bottom line is that it’s important to design and build high-quality materials and exceptional customer service that withstand the fierce competition in the gas grill market.

Ooni stand behind their product one hundred percent because they spent many years researching and developing our materials and RTGI design standards. A rapid eye scan around the deck shows that the gas grills that aren’t built to last are made from flimsy steel and altogether absorb the heat. Ooni is built to last, with high-grade components and premium components.

Would you recommend Ooni pizza ovens?

Ooni is a new company that’s gotten a lot of attention for its attention to quality and the professionals who are involved in the social media world. With every new product, the price of OONI ovens varies. As of today, it is under $500, making it perfect for anyone who is a big fan of wood-fired cooking but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

When is my Ooni Pizza Oven ready to cook?

The best way to tell if your Ooni is ready for use is by preheating with all 3 air intake valves open for about 15 minutes. If you see that there is a nice bed of orange glowing embers at the bottom, then you are good to go.

You can check your heat level without lifting up the lid using an IR thermometer on the outside of the Ooni, which should read 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit.


Aside from being easy to use, the Ooni Pizza oven also improves the cooking experience. The product does not require any maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintaining it! The Ooni is the perfect choice if you want to cook pizza at home in a convenient and enjoyable manner.

The infrared burner allows pizzas to be cooked in less than two minutes, making it easier than ever. The best Ooni pizza oven combines all of these great features into one machine, so there is no reason not to buy it today!

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