Vito Iacopelli Pizza Dough Recipe

The nicest thing I’ve ever tasted is homemade Vito Iacopelli pizza dough, which I had always assumed was exceedingly difficult to prepare. It turns out that all you need to produce a fluffy, professional-looking homemade pizza crust is wheat, water, and yeast.

Vito a 3rd generation pizza chef, boosts his authentic Italian dough recipe by adding additional components such as genuine honey and a generous quantity of salt.

Here we show you his signature Napolitano style pizza that you can make right in your kitchen. Let’s get into it!



  • 300 ml Lukewarm Water
  • 5 g Honey
  • 5 g Dry Yeast
  • 300 g 00 Flour


  • 1,250 g 00 Flour
  • 700 ml Lukewarm Water
  • 40 g Salt
  • 1,250 g 00 Flour

How to make Vito Iacopelli Pizza Dough


  • Combine all of the ingredients.
  • Set aside at room temperature for 1 hour.
  • Place in the fridge overnight after resting.


  • In a large mixing basin, combine the Poolish, 1/2 flour, and all of the salt with the water. IMPORTANT: Add a little water at a time. DO NOT ADD EVERYTHING AT ONCE. Before adding more flour, it must absorb a small amount of water.
  • Mix well, then add the remaining flour to the bowl and thoroughly combine the mixture will be sticky but together.
  • In a small glass or plastic container, combine all the poolish ingredients until they have a consistent consistency.
  • Hand kneads for 5-10 minutes; cover with a bowl and set aside for 15 minutes to rest.
  • Remove bowl and, always keeping the top on top, knead the dough with hands like a giant ball, with fingers beneath lifting dough off-board, repeat.
  • Coat a mixing dish with olive oil, then carefully lay the dough in the bowl; cover and set aside for 1 hour to rest/rise.
  • Place the dough on a work surface and cover your hands with olive oil before putting it down.
  • Make three even incisions across the dough. Take one end and form a ball with one hand while cutting the dough with the other.
  • This approach yields perfectly spherical balls.
  • Coat a sheet pan with Semolina flour and space dough balls approximately 2-3 fingers apart; drizzle a little oil on top of the dough balls and wrap in plastic wrap.
  • Rest for two hours at room temperature.

What toppings go well with Vito’s pizza dough?

I strongly advise you to use this pizza sauce recipe.  Vito suggests lubricating the edge.

I use a countertop pizza oven, but a pizza stone can also be used, as Vito demonstrates in his videos.

Add your favorite toppings (pre-shredded cheese or frozen cheese) and bake according to the guidelines on your pizza oven, oven with stone, or countertop oven. This mushroom, truffle, brie, and arugula pizza is one of my favorite non-tomato sauce pizza toppings.


Rather than hand-kneading, I ALWAYS use my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Every time, my dough turns out perfectly.


Who is Vito Iacopelli?

Who is Vito Iacopelli

Pizza maker Vito Iacopelli was born in Bari, Italy. He spent his childhood alternating between his paternal grandfather’s pizza in Bari and his maternal grandfather’s restaurant in Chicago.

He’s recognized in Hollywood for his high-end catering, where he teaches famous actors how to prepare Vito’s pizza.

At 7, Vito began baking pizza and improved his talents. He came to the U.S. and helped create Michael’s Pizzeria in Long Beach, California, which won Zagat’s “Best Pizza Joint in the USA” 2013-2014.

PROVA The Art of Pizza opened in 2014. In 2015-2016, he won “Best Neapolitan Pizza in the World” at his restaurant. Vito won “Best Neapolitan Pizza in America” and “Best Neapolitan Pizza in The World” at the 2017 Pizza Expo Las Vegas.

Millions of people watch him on his YouTube channel, Vito Iacopelli. The channel has 752,000 (and increasing) subscribers who watch him prepare.

Vito Iacopelli made it his duty to educate everyone on how to cook the best pizza.

What flour does Vito Iacopelli use?

Vito uses Molino Piantoni Flour that comes directly from Italy.

He is a friend and promoter of Made in Italy products, will have Molino Piantoni flour variations on display at his exhibit. In reality, he plans to employ Molino Piantoni wheat products to make a variety of pizzas. The same ones that have made him renowned in the United States in recent years.

Why is 00 flour preferable for pizza?

Caputo 00 flour is perfect for pizza dough for two reasons: first, it is finely ground, and second, it has less gluten than most flour.

Is Poolish good for pizza?

Pizza Dough with Poolish is a simple technique to create a significantly richer flavor profile, as well as increased texture, extensibility, and structure. This sponge-like pre-ferment is an excellent technique to cut the yeast in half, making it more palatable.

Is biga or poolish better for pizza?

Poolish can be used to make bread with a crispy crust and tray baked or thin-crust pizzas. A poolish is generally quicker and easier to make, and it may be produced using medium-strength flours. A biga takes longer since it requires more fermenting time and more precise oven temperature management.

What yeast is best for Neapolitan pizza dough?

So, which yeast is ideal for Neapolitan pizza dough? Fleischmann’s Yeast is the best all-around yeast for Neapolitan-style pizza. It’s an instant dry yeast that comes in quarter-ounce packets for simple measuring.

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    • Exactly. I use Vito’s recipe regularly and this is an error— just 1250g flour. I use Antimony Caputto #00 blue label pizzeria dough. Great. 🤓🍕 — james


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